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Alex Steingraber and SPK knives

MTSlate Apr 4, 2021

  1. MTSlate

    MTSlate Tiny Member

    Alex Steingraber was a guy that started a regrinding business with the encouragement of a friend that was a knife guy. Alex at the time had little interest in knives. He's actually an entrepreneur that recognized 3 trends. Those trends are, thin edge geometry, edc fixed blades and exotic steels for blades. I think he's gotten a lot of inspiration from Spyderco. Spyderco uses several different super steels on their sprint runs which keeps knife collectors on their toes to be sure and grab a newly released sprint run before they're gone. SPK is seemingly doing the same with the release of the few knives they're able to produce.
    The SPK Shark in cruwear with a leaf like blade was a success. They sell for up to double the original price on the aftermarket. SPK is now saying they have a surprise steel choice for the next run of Sharks.

    These look like great knives with most of what's in demand now. I myself am on the list for the newest Shark.

    Just my thoughts,

    What are your thoughts concerning edge geometry and the uses for a thin slicey blade compared to a more robust blade?
  2. M.Reno

    M.Reno Cowboy JDBA Official Member

    Personally I'm all about it! Love Spydercos and different steels. Deadboxhero or Shawn is someone to learn a lot from. He on the cutting edge of knife steel and thin edge geometry. He also has a ton of sharpening vids on YT. Michael Christy is also on YT with great sharpening vids and can whittle hair with his knives. There's getting to be a lot of great info out there. Larrin Thomas on knifesteelnerds is a metalurgist with a shit ton of info and has actually come out with a new steel called "Magnacut" ! And testing had started.
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