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Al mar knife question

konyc Jul 13, 2012

  1. konyc

    konyc Huge member

    Hi just wondering if anyone know what knife this is. Value? I do not know much about al mar knives and could not find much about this one via google. I Appreciate your help

  2. inkster

    inkster The Mayor of Bloomerville

    Looks like a first production Al mar Sere or Sere 2000. New ones now go for 170 to 200. If it's dead mint in the box it will probably go for more, depending on who wants it. If it's used, the value would be up to who wants it as well, I guess.

    Actually How long is the blade? It could be a Mini Sere.
  3. OnceBitten

    OnceBitten Momma said I'd go blind Brigade Member

    Don't let the #xxx of 200 fool you. They did this with the first 200 produced much as Spyderco does with their Collector Club knives.

    Being that it is VG-10 blade steel, it is likely more recent in relation to overall SERE production. It looks like a Mini.

    It's still a great knife; I'd like to get one.
  4. Antonio_Luiz

    Antonio_Luiz Huge member

    I agree - Mini SERE

    I have the full sized version - both are great knives
  5. konyc

    konyc Huge member

    Thank you guys, I appreciate the info. I don't have the knife with me so I don't know the exact blade length, but it is a small knife.

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