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AIK's Knife Show Washington, MO July 28-30th

AIK May 16, 2017

  1. AIK

    AIK Little member

    You are invited to AIK’s Knife Show which will be held July 28, 29, and 30th in Washington, MO at the Elks Lodge. Washington, MO is on the south side of the Missouri River, less than an hour just west of St Louis off of I-44 (Ten miles from the Six Flags exit.)

    We have gathered some of the best dealers, suppliers, and custom knifemakers from the Midwest and beyond to offer you a unique, one of a kind handmade knives and accessories. If you are a knifemaker this will be a wonderful and unique experience to obtain knifemaking supplies as well. In addition, Bill Miller (W.M Knives of Warsaw, MO) will be doing live demonstrations of Damascus Blade Forging on Saturday and Sunday, giving you a front row seat of what a real life Forged In Fire episode looks like!

    The Elks Lodge is located at 1459 W 5th St, Washington, MO, 63090. If you are coming from the St. Louis area you will travel west on I-44 and take exit 251 for MO-100 W towards Washington. If you are traveling East on I-44 towards St. Louis you will take exit 251 for MO-100 W towards Washington as well and turn left towards MO-100 W. Once on MO-100 travel approximately 11 miles to 5th St. The Elks Lodge will be on the right. Show hours are Friday July 28th from Noon to 6pm, Saturday July 29th 9am to 5pm, and Sunday July 30th 9am to 2pm. Admission is only $5 and there will be plenty of free parking available. We will also be doing a Grand Prize drawing for those who attend the show with a paid admission for one AIK / Buck Model 110 Double Action (Manual or Auto) Folding Hunter.

    If you have any questions or you are a dealer interested in displaying or selling your knives call AIK at 618-656-9868 or visit aik-knifeshow.com for hotel information, a map on how to find the show, or any other show info you may need.

    We hope to see you there!

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  2. C-Bear

    C-Bear Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I'm over in Jefferson county so I might be able to make a run over there... Hit Hermann while I'm out that way and grab some Swiss meats.

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