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About MikeyMoto - Information and links

mikeymoto Jan 28, 2014

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  1. mikeymoto

    mikeymoto Don't make me cu..OW! Knife Maker or Craftsman


    My name is Mike Hornung
    In forumland I'm known as mikeymoto.

    I'm a knife, watch, and flashlight addict just like you are. I came to JD for my love of gear and desire for a community. In 2007 I wanted a sheath for a Busse knife and decided I'd make it myself. I shared the results and through the encouragement of other collectors I sold a couple sheaths. One thing led to another and I've got a registered business called MikeyMoto Leather.

    I am self taught but have to give shout-outs to Dwayne (Leatherman) and Chuck (Chuddy Bear) whose work inspired me from the beginning.

    What I do
    I primarily do leather work and I specialize in knife sheaths. I'm dabbling in embroidery and textiles using my home machine. I post my products here and at my web sites below.

    Custom Orders
    I am passionate about my crafts, however my career keeps me extremely busy. I rarely accept custom orders, but I do whenever I have time.

    If you are interested in some custom leather work, send me a PM or email and let's talk. Your design or mine!

    Knives on Hand
    I make sheaths to perfectly fit the knife, and this requires that I have the specific size of knife the sheath is being made for. I have lots of Busse knives -- just about everything produced in the last 10 years. For Busse sheaths I usually do not need your knife. Anything else, chat me up and we'll see.

    Contact Info
    I am not a phone person so I won't even post a phone number here. mike@mikeymotoleather.com

    I occasionally post leather for sale at http://www.mikeymotoleather.com/

    I sell some other things at http://www.mikeymakesit.com/

    Sometimes I write about projects at http://mikeymakesit.com/blog/
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