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A short film...

Stuart Mitchell Dec 13, 2015

  1. Stuart Mitchell

    Stuart Mitchell knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    A short while ago a young fella arrived totally unannounced at the workshop door, fresh off the train from London where he studies architecture, he was interested in how making things and architecture interact...

    He asked if he could hang around for a bit, no worries...

    Can I take a few photos, no worries...

    A bit of video, crack on...

    A really nice young fella, very interested and very interesting, he has even designed a product that we will be making together...

    Then he sends me this, the result of his camera work :O

    I am very impressed...

    Gecko likes this.
  2. Gecko

    Gecko The Hessian Brigade Member

    Nice video.
    He did very well!
  3. primal13

    primal13 Bluebeard Brigade Member

    Nicely done. Clean, to the point.

    Kinda interested in the new design ya'll will be working on.
  4. woodlander

    woodlander Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Interesting video. Entertaining to watch.

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