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A quick thanks...

weavin Sep 12, 2015

  1. weavin

    weavin Destroyer of digits opposable JDBA Official Member

    Long story short I wanted to pass along a big thank you to Morgan and Eric at BHQ, and hopefully this will trickle up to their higher ups. These 2 guys helped me out a lot with my alpha beast order yesterday and they deserve a word of recognition. For some reason the BHQ purchase triggered the fraud protection service from my bank/card services, and made a mess of the transaction. These guys were super patient with me, extremely helpful, and (over the phone) really came across like they cared about me and my purchase. They worked with me until we got the transaction to go through, and then told me that it wouldn't leave there until Monday and I probably wouldn't see the knife until Wednesday. This was around 3/3:30 pm on Friday. At 12:30 pm this afternoon (Saturday) my knife arrived at my door. So, around 21 hours after that fraud fiasco I had my knife in my hand.

    Bravo BHQ! I've been a BHQ customer for a while now, and every purchase made from you guys has been a pleasure. THANK YOU BHQ!!!!
  2. Blade HQ

    Blade HQ BladeHQ Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I will be sure to let them know and we do appreciate the feedback!


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