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A half dozen new pieces from the PA hills...

J. Neilson Nov 7, 2013

  1. J. Neilson

    J. Neilson Caught in the Mosh Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Hey all,
    Been busy planning the new shop and getting things prepared but, I have been getting some work done... I hope you like 'em.

    Small Boot Dagger
    Here is a new "Small Boot Dagger" I've designed with an hourglass shaped handle and integral double guard. The piece shown here is approx. 6" overall length (1/2 blade & 1/2 handle) and is forged from 1084 high carbon steel. The blade is differentially quenched and has a fine hand-rubbed finish. The handle scales are Tri-tone Green G-10 done in a "palm swell" style and are secured with 3 stainless steel pins.This style can work equally well with a Kydex or leather sheath with different carry options.

    "Rain & Waves II" in Stag and Ironwood
    Here is an new version of one of my favorite patterns. This Bowie has a 10" blade of high carbon damascus steel forged in a "rain & waves" pattern (raindrop pattern on the upper portion of the blade and a wave pattern on the lower part). The guard is a "jail bar" wrought iron oval with a fullered edge. The handle is Sambar Stag with black spacers and a 3 piece throat of fullered wrought iron and Desert Ironwood Burl. The threaded pommel is also "jail bar" wrought iron to match the guard and spacers and is filed to match the stag contours. The oal length is approx. 15 1/2" and this piece comes with a tooled leather "dangler" sheath.

    "Ball-bearing" Adirondack Hunter
    This is the new, updated version of an old favorite and a true work horse, with a cool look. This full-tang hunter is made from my "ball-bearing" high carbon damascus forged from 52100 ball-bearings and 1095 powder done in a canister weld. This style hunter has an integral guard, thumb drop (for extra control) and an open/exposed pommel with lanyard hole. The knife is 8 7/8" overall with a 4 1/8" cutting edge. The knife is has forge marked and acid soaked flats to contrast the etched damascus. The handle scales are top grade, stabilized Flame Ebony wood secured with stainless steel handle bolts. The knife comes with a tooled leather pouch sheath with belt loop.

    "G.A.K.-Piggy back" (Combo Set)
    This set starts with my standard 9" G.A.K. blade but, forged from high carbon steel "Drill Rig" cable damascus. This piece also has a double forward quillion guard forged from the same cable damascus. The handle is approx. 5 1/2" made from stabilized California Buckeye Burl wood with a black spacer. The handle is secured with a stainless steel pin and has a matching lanyard liner.The "side knife" is a full-tang, sheep-foot style forged from the same "Drill Rig" cable, approx. 6" (half blade/half handle) with a file worked thumb rest. The handle has scales of stabilized California Buckeye Burl (from the same blade as the Fighter above) and are secured with stainless steel handle bolts. The knife has an exposed pommel with lanyard hole.The set comes in a "Piggy back" sheath (both knives secured in the same sheath) done in fully tooled leather with a belt loop and has the extra security of inlain rare earth magnets.

    "Nessmuk-style" Hunter
    Here is a twist on a classic design. This Nessmuk-style knife has a differentially hardened blade forged from 5160 high carbon spring steel and the blade has my full "antiqued" finish. The handle is stabilized and double dyed Red and Black Box Elder Burl and has a contoured guard, pin and lanyard liner of stainless steel. The knife is 10" aol with the blade and handle split approx. evenly (5" blade/5" handle). This knife is shown with a fully tooled/texture leather sheath with a belt loop, retention strap and fire steel loop.

    "Chupacabra Hunter"... Camp Cutter/Chopper
    This piece is a beast, so I named it after one. This hunter/camp chopper has a differentially quenched blade of 5160 high carbon spring steel with forge marked and acid soaked flats with my "antiqued" finish on the flat ground bevels. The knife has an oval carbon steel guard with a fullered rim and matching finish. The handle is dyed & sealed Cow bone with a throat of stabilized Buffalo horn and a spacer of hammered/antiqued brass. The handle is secured with matching brass pins. The natural hole in the bone has a leather lanyard cord with an "antler ring" fob The blade is approx. 12" with an oal of 18 1/2" and this knife comes with a center seam raw-hide sheath with Concho, exotic skin inlays, brass studs, etch by John Cohea.
  2. smrst45

    smrst45 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Beautiful work sir!! I especially like the Adirondack Hunter, G.A.K. combo, and the Chupacabra hunter. :devilzeek :thumbsup:
  3. AndyLau

    AndyLau Little member

    The GAK is so cooooooool!!!

    I like it!!

  4. crowsnest

    crowsnest Little member


    love that adirondack :devilzeek
  5. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    They all look top shelf,but that piggy back

    combo is just a beauty!

  6. Clovis

    Clovis Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Mighty impressve work! I'm a fool for Damascus anyway! :manganr:
  7. mkphc

    mkphc Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Awesome work as always sir
  8. PS-RagE

    PS-RagE "R" for Adventure JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Beautiful! Love the damascus! The welded ball bearings are very cool! :thumbsup:
  9. J. Neilson

    J. Neilson Caught in the Mosh Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Thanks all, I appreciate the comments!
  10. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Really digging the "Ball-bearing" Adirondack Hunter, super sweet Blade
  11. ilovekittens

    ilovekittens Sailing the seas of cheese Knife Maker or Craftsman

    All stunning pieces. :devilzeek ILK
  12. d762nato

    d762nato Huge member

    Dam! Your good! :devilzeek

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