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A Blade Show thank you from Blade HQ

Blade HQ Jun 9, 2016

  1. Blade HQ

    Blade HQ BladeHQ Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Just wanted to say that we had a blast filming/meeting a bunch of you guys at Blade this year. I've known most you of you for years through the JDBA and Instagram, but it was great to put a face with the name. The knife community are good people and we are grateful to be apart of it. We'll continue to push the balisong! Thanks again!

    Jacob and BHQ crew
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  2. oleary761

    oleary761 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Same man! It was a blast even though security wasnt a fan of our bridge show...
  3. DarklightY2K

    DarklightY2K Huge member

    What?!? :devilzeek
  4. Linos

    Linos baliholickydexbender JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

  5. Silent Jay

    Silent Jay Flips more than he speaks JDBA Official Member

    Can't wait to see what you guys filmed!

    So bummed I missed out....
  6. knifezoid

    knifezoid Bladerunners Systems -=BRS=- Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Was awesome meeting up again, Jake!

    Guys, if you're thinking about making Blade Show next year don't
    think, just start planning now.

    It's the Mecca of everything knife related including flipping. I met
    a ton of awesome people. Meeting flippers face to face is a
    phenomenal experience. Seeing all the OGs from the original
    Flipping Arena and watching them flip together is unreal.

    I think if you tallied up all the footage collected it probably approaches
    300 GIGS! A lot of videos will come of it for sure. The best part
    of flipping and filming together was we all contributed as a group
    to the creative direction, the camera angles, and the filming itself.
    We will contribute to the editing as well. It's really the direction
    flipping needs to go and I feel this trip really helped progress the

    Tons of footage to post, but I will start out with this one which was
    one of the highlights of the whole journey.


    Yup, Crazy Cole Rogers! One of the OGs. Just an example of the
    people you will run into at this show. Hope to see you all next year!
  7. knifezoid

    knifezoid Bladerunners Systems -=BRS=- Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I think Palethius has footage of that I'm sure people would want
    to see.

    We did not have Mr. Labella to bail us out that time!

    Good meeting you man! :KZ:
    Get a table next year with the revolutionary rotating sheath!
  8. Palethius

    Palethius Customizer Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I got video of that... hehe.


    it was definitely awesome getting to meet you and everyone else that was there.

    Getting to meet people in person is a big deal. You don't really know a person until you can see them for real. You don't get the whole story when you just see vids or chat. Hell, even talking on the phone a lot isn't enough. Gotta be in person.

    One thing that I found out when meeting everyone is that they (everyone I met) were nothing short of awesome. No one disappointed or let down the idea I had of them. In fact, most of them exceeded the awesome level I put them at before I met them.

    I'm glad that I got to meet everyone.

    SanDimasHighschoolFootballRULES!!!! lololol

    Edit: ^^^Yeah, somebody got it. HAHAHA
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  9. Ronlad

    Ronlad Vox Diabolus Administrator

    We :heart: BladeHQ! Palethius, I jacked up the reps I sent you!
  10. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade LUC4 JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    JD is glad to have you be a part of our community. For Sure.

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