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8" Fighter in 5160....

M.Olexey Aug 25, 2008

  1. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    One last post catching up with some of my earlier pieces.

    8" fighter in 5160, 13" OAL, Sculpted G10 scales w/ mosaic pins, fileworked spine and leather sheath.

    Thanks for looking.

    From this point forward all new stuff.

  2. Joe Estrada

    Joe Estrada Tactical Solutions Knife Maker or Craftsman

    about this knife...

    Is it as quick in the hands as it looks??? It kind of reminds me of a conversation I had with Mike B. about Bowie knives and the back cut technique. If that puppy is quick in the hands - that would pretty much end the conversation.

    all my best to your family.
  3. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    I can't claim to have planned it but it did end up balanced right at the index finger and had a great lively feel that was in fact pretty scary fast. It performed the back cut real well (I think the neutral grip helped). I think if I upswept the tip a little it would really excel with that technique.

    The funny thing is, this was a pretty early piece for me that was going to be a 26" sword. After two major screw-up's it wound up being a 13" oal fighter:ross:

    Thanks for the good words buddy.

  4. HMartin

    HMartin knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Wow! That is freakin awesome. One of the coolest blends of modern styling with classic fighter lines I have seen in quite a while. Very nice work. Wicked, very wicked.

    M.Olexey likes this.
  5. dfarmerknives

    dfarmerknives Tattoo Man says Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Man, I like that!!!!!!

    The filework just sets that piece off!!!!:firedevil

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