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51 Morpho opinion

san-mai-usa Aug 27, 2014

  1. Artemis Snow

    Artemis Snow Little member

    Yeah I feel the same way about the 51, but for what it is it was only shy a few licks of being a well balanced light flipper which would've filled a small but very much there flipping niche. Main benefit to that light weight is you'll be grateful for it as a beginner so you aren't super hard punished for mistakes, but that weight is off putting for many including myself. Check my email everyday for that replicant shipping xD.

    You could custom it up and I hear it ups the quality of life on that knife substantially for flipping, but again I feel the 51 just fills a niche of a lighter flipper. I say if you want a ti scaled one just sell it and get a fly as I've heard great things about them, and they look great. I like my 51 as an EDC that I can be a little show off with though, and it has a very nice black and blue subtle design that I love. I just can't part with it xD.
  2. TheKnifeGuru

    TheKnifeGuru Little member


    Thanks. I've seen the Fly's going through BHQ and thought it might be cheaper. I'll look into it more.
  3. WalkingTree

    WalkingTree JDBA4L JDBA Official Member


    Definitely keep an eye on Flytanium. If you have instagram, get on it and follow him. He's officially said that he'll be selling just the Ti 51 scales to those that already have a 51 once he gets his website up a running.
  4. dus7man

    dus7man Jet life to the next life JDBA Official Member

    When the flytaniums roll around again get one, You'll love it.
  5. zuggzugg

    zuggzugg JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Is that supposed to happen again soon-ish?

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