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5.56 Repack Kits

McGyver Feb 3, 2011

  1. McGyver

    McGyver Persistent Bastard

    I've got about 15 "recycled" 5.56 repack kits. Each kit contains enough items to do 840 rounds, i.e 1 full can. 7 4-pocket bandos, 28 used cardboards, 84 stripper clips, and 7 spoons. All items are once used, great condition, just a little packing tape on the cardboards and you are in business. Asking $15 shipped per kit, or buy 8 for $100. Thanks.
  2. snufferoo

    snufferoo snuffaluffagus devil

    Will these work with Mini 14 mags? Thanks. :ssmile:

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