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2 New Antiqued Knives

J. Neilson Jan 26, 2010

  1. J. Neilson

    J. Neilson Caught in the Mosh Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This big chopper I'm calling "Brutus"..... just looks like one to me.

    The blade is 10 1/4" of edge-quenched 5160 with forge-marked flats and a antiqued finish. The handle tang transitions from antiqued to polished at the filed thumb rest. The full tang is scaled with African Blackwood secured with stainless steel handle bolts and a matching lanyard liner and is 15" overall length.





    This belt knife is also full-tang and antique finished (the finish gooes all the way around the tang on this one) but, in 52100. The knife is 8" overall with a 3 5/8" cutting edge and is scaled with Moose antler and secured with worked stainless steel handle bolts. The handle has an exposed lanyard hole.


  2. Soup_Monger

    Soup_Monger Should be a custom title here

    "Brutus" looks frickin awesome, J.

    Good to see you back makin the choppers.


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