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JD Themed Build Off

JerzeeDevil's 2017 Halloween Build Off. This is your chance to make a serious contribution to the forum, and to maybe win something while you're at it. All skill levels are welcomed, and also encouraged. Think of Halloween, think of JD, think of Ultra Hott. Then, combine them into one great looking knife! Start your threads here, post often, post pics. Play rough, or play nice, but above all have some fun! It's things like this that make us the best damned knife forum on the net so get involved.'' - RoyalM

  1. Build off Archives

    Past works & build offs no longer being worked on or were abandoned. (Some made 'the cut', some didn't)
    Digs FnK Latest: Build Off Voting Thread 2019 Digs FnK, Dec 2, 2019