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New Profile Posts

  1. Bladewidow
    I am here to learn from you all. My avatar?..I can dream; right?
  2. Bladewidow
    Hi! Thanks for the OK to join JerzeeDevil. I'm a newbie & know little. Bladewidow is me. I now own a room full of knives & replica swords ++
  3. Sharpazzhell
    Sharpazzhell BladezForDayz
    You never got back to me about your feedback link page. I did get your package today and you are absolutely right it's has peanuts inside the bench made and it's wrapped in the plastic with The peanuts and it looked like it come straight from the factory I mean I wouldn't mind if you took it out to take them look just to make sure everything's OK but other than that Box is fine and I'm happy I have it
  4. BrandonsBalisongs
    I am a balisong collector
  5. Danspath
    Im just here to flip
  6. Yard Switcher
    Yard Switcher
    Figuring it out
  7. Marco ceja
    Marco ceja
    Here for The balisong looking for the post up on the jerzeedevil forum's Nomm Nommm.. Haha
  8. Finnie
    Finnie chutcher
    Bought a knife in excellent condition from @chutcher He shipped ASAP. Would buy/trade with him in the future.
  9. Onehikes
    Active and On-Line
    1. crogers
      Jan 8, 2019
  10. Sharpazzhell
    Sharpazzhell ubado
    Got my Bradley today. It's exactly as described it has very little play and even though I have another one of the same 1 it is OK with me because I love Bradley's. I recommend this gentleman any answers all questions Transaction Went smoothly
  11. Sharpazzhell
    Sharpazzhell cutclown
    This dude is a legit person. And can guide you and has a natural gift for modding. Just like the bear cabollo wood bit torx. It sux that he had to change washers to make it flip. Showed me video and it flips nice. If u need help with modding here is ONE person WHO CAN HELP YOw with MODDING You can even send your knife to him and he will troubleshoot it and send it back.
  12. Sharpazzhell
    Sharpazzhell ubado
    This person is new but damm I thought I was fast with shipping. I had a tracking number thsts valid and is in sytem. After j sent funds I wake up and theres a priority number. I know hes a new member. And I was new once. He has one feedback. If he had none I'd still buy bc when I was new people bought from me. Plus I'm a big fan of kimuras. The old ones I Have a 5,11, new ones and 7 thanks to ubado
  13. apdallaround
  14. PluralofTiger
  15. Sharpazzhell
    Sharpazzhell cutclown
    Just bought a modded 51 from this gentleman right here. And he did me a solid price and I partially traded two of my knives ht and I ask him which one he wanted and I had no problem giving them up to him this is the 1st knife that I have made by a fellow devil. And I'm still waiting on NATHAN DEWEY.Everything in my collection Is from a company.did me a solid
  16. Relic
    Still figuring this shite out
  17. Hotnspicys
    Stiff & Cold
  18. Relic
    Figuring this site out .-.
  19. Gonebad395
    Gonebad395 knife_SICKness
    Sent you a reply
  20. ded i
    ded i tubtar
    Hi John, here's the street part: 6061 Silver King Blvd. #302