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New Profile Posts

  1. NeverLickASteakKnife
    Just uploaded new profile pic of my Southern Grind Collection!
  2. Vain
    Update yourself, status
  3. Charles D Rund
    Charles D Rund
    New here! Love all automatic knives
  4. Mappetizer
    Mappetizer DrRollinstein
    Do you have pics of that ug sebenza?
  5. Sevrin
    Sevrin Mandrew8
    Meant to dm, sorry!
    Sweet skull styles.
  6. exile82187
  7. PapaG_13
    Newb & I like me some pokey stabby flippy's.
    1. crogers
      Nov 6, 2018
    2. PapaG_13
      I most definitely will when I have the time to properly compile an Introduction. Thanks for the reminder!
      Nov 6, 2018
  8. crogers
    crogers unreconstructedgordo
  9. unreconstructedgordo
    Retired and selling down my collection-gradually
  10. unreconstructedgordo
    unreconstructedgordo Clydetz
    Hi Clydetz, I'm back !
  11. unreconstructedgordo
    unreconstructedgordo Mr.LaBella
    Hello just came back. I need to find an image of the Newt Martin JD build off knife Newt made I think 2008 or later. I won this but the knife was so bizarre and beautiful Newt made me another more useful one which I still have annd I gave it back. I wanted to show pictures to his brother . Thanks, I searched your media and galleries for it but just can find the talking threads .
  12. Vain
    my bad
    1. crogers
      Nov 2, 2018
      Vain and desmodus like this.
  13. crogers
    crogers Crazy Man
    1. desmodus likes this.
    2. desmodus
      He had two accounts too. I just banned them both.
      Nov 1, 2018
      crogers likes this.
  14. R2C4inPace
    Hope to eventually join in with trading/purchasing
  15. Zen Chaplain
    Zen Chaplain
    Who needs thumbs anyway?
  16. theBali-Fly
    LFT(looking for tacos)
    1. desmodus
      there are no tacos here
      Oct 29, 2018
      crogers likes this.
  17. Sharpazzhell
    What you guys think about the tachyon 3. As a collectors item and a flipper vs benchmade mopho?
  18. agentchaos
    agentchaos Mr.LaBella
    Hey boss, site looks great and is working great as far as i can tell. Question for ya in regards to notifications. Say I'm looking for updates on the voodoo econ(for sale/trade) forum. Can I set up auto updates whenever a new thread is dropped? This is prolly a simple thing to do I'm just missing it. Thx!
  19. JamieE
    Still alive
    1. crogers
      Oct 25, 2018
  20. JamieE
    Looking to sell some knifes
    1. crogers
      Oct 25, 2018