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New Profile Posts

  1. GeierEOD
    Hoping to sell some of my collection and grab a couple I’ve been looking for
  2. crogers
    crogers brohamster213
  3. crogers
    crogers Jcole1163
  4. crogers
    crogers Jefscodo825
  5. crogers
    crogers Nick loves knives
  6. crogers
    crogers Bladefanatic14
  7. crogers
    crogers Luciferio10193
    Mission abgeschlossen. Danke.
    1. Luciferio10193
      Thanks for the help
      Aug 4, 2020
  8. crogers
    crogers Tigershark
  9. JeffrySC70
    Not lurking... just trying to sell some Kershaw knives i have.
  10. crogers
    crogers Patrick0001
  11. Felipe R Garcia
    Felipe R Garcia Rafton
    Bought a Benchmade 51 Rafton. Transaction was smooth. Would buy again from this member.
  12. crogers
    crogers Kalvin H
  13. crogers
    crogers fl_flipping
    मिशन पूरा हो गया । धन्यवाद.
    1. fl_flipping likes this.
  14. Hertzdoughknit
    I found someone with an AB1.0. Can someone PM me what a fair price is for one in about 8.5/10 condition.
  15. crogers
    crogers LBizzle
  16. crogers
    crogers Luke M
  17. binky bonko
    binky bonko luckystar
    pm me i have offer
  18. Felipe R Garcia
  19. crogers
    crogers Mark Curtis
  20. crogers
    crogers Guy