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WTS: Busse AK-47 INFI Cerakote

itadakimasu Aug 10, 2018

  1. itadakimasu

    itadakimasu There are no kangaroos in Austria! JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Hey guys,
    I am selling a new and unused Busse AK-47 in INFI. The rivets have been changed by a german knifemaker.


    Including a kydex sheath by David Brown. It was quite the loose fit and has been "fixed" with a hair dryer. Not beautiful, but it's working.

    Also included is a hand made sheath. American leather and hand sewn. Unfortunately some black color has tainted it, see the pictures.

    Price: 1000$

    Shipping: I will ship world wide, please contact me.
    Payment: Bank wire transfer, international will be figured out as always.

    If you have any questions contact me : )

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