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The SOF Choppers are Here and Ready For Sale

Sniper Bladeworks Lance Jul 30, 2015

  1. Sniper Bladeworks Lance

    Sniper Bladeworks Lance knifemaker

    The SOF choppers are ready for sale. Here is the deal to kick off the first production knife. The retail price on the SOF is $145. For the first 5 orders we will do $100 plus shipping. Here are the specs, 1075 coated blade, OAL 15", blade length 9", walnut or black and grey Micarta handle. Blade thickness is approx. .200". It comes in a British frog sheath with multiple attachment points.
    If you would like to order please e-mail me lance@sniperbladeworks.com
    I will check our pages here for orders but I would like to keep all the orders in one place if we can. If you have any problems contacting us by e-mail feel free to call me at 816-585-1595. Thank you for all the positive comments and support.
    Be safe,
  2. six

    six straight up pimp

    Coo Sauce.Where are they made?:thumbsup:
  3. Sniper Bladeworks Lance

    Sniper Bladeworks Lance knifemaker

    They are made in El Salvador.
  4. TALEL

    TALEL Huge member

    They spoke to me. I can hear 'em scream : "give us something to whack...."

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