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  1. Brotherscinco

    Brotherscinco Tiny Member

    The lightning is a really decent knife for work. To be honest, the internals are basically the same as the higher end stuff. The machining/stamping may not be on the same level, but it’s pretty close enough to be very reliable. It’s not very complicated technology. You also get a very nicely sized blade that has a useful profile; one that will be easy to sharpen.

    The utx85 is a great size for edc, and I think they look the best as well. You will surely appreciate the clean and crisp lines of a genuine Microtech when you have one in hand. You may find it hard to really put it to task in fear of blunting the edge. It sucks to have a really nice knife with a dulled edge.
  2. B_churchill

    B_churchill Little Member

    Well i think utx85 is a bit too small but i didnt Have any of Microtech knives in hand, i was thinking about Ultratech size because they look quite handy.
  3. Brotherscinco

    Brotherscinco Tiny Member

    The way I see it, an OTF is a light use knife.

    The ultratech allows a full handed grip, while the utx85 falls a little short. To me, the utx85 Is a good compromise in pocketability, usefulness, and intimidation factor (sometimes you want to avoid freaking people out when you pull out a switchblade to cut a piece of string).

    I also just prefer the blade/handle ratio of the utx85. It’s just as wide as the ultratech, but since it is shorter, the blade looks taller and more stout in my opinion.
  4. raymond454

    raymond454 Little member

    I think that was a good move. The Lightning is great for what it is. You will really appreciate the Microtech in comparison.
  5. Haaammer

    Haaammer Huge member

    I agree with the statements above. The lightning is great for the cost and will allow you to see what makes a microtech more “premium” once you have one in hand.

    The Ultratech was a bit large for my liking for edc. The UTX 85 is the sweet spot for me, just enough handle to get all of my fingers on it and very smooth yet strong action. I also have a couple UTX 70, which seem very tiny even compared to the UTX 85. They are built every bit as well though and make for a great keychain or gentleman’s edc.

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