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Limited Edition Hinderer 3.5" XM-18 (Two-Tone)

BBKoenigsegg Mar 20, 2017

  1. BBKoenigsegg

    BBKoenigsegg Average member


    Up for sale is a 2016 Limited Edition Two-Tone (satin/stonewashed) 3.5" XM-18 Skinner.

    These will never be produced again. The configuration of this knife is as follows: two-tone blade, working finish lockside and clip/filler, stock SS hardware, blue/black G10 textured scale. This knife has been carried a few times and used once or twice. The satin has a couple hairline scratches on it. The centering is near perfect and the lockup is an ideal 50%. It has been professionally sharpened to a mirror edge and has rarely been used since.

    Due to the 90% condition, I'm pricing this as follows:

    $440.06 PayPal "goods and services" This price included USPS Priority Mail shipping.

    NOTE: The last picture shows this knife fully dressed in a satin bronze anodized frag titanium scale and bronze titanium hardware. This package is available at a discounted price of $225 to the buyer ONLY (original cost of the scale is $200 and the hardware is over $100). It will be available separately at a slightly increased price.
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