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Hot sauces and hot foods ( spicy)

Mr.LaBella Jan 29, 2008

  1. thatsagoodcut

    thatsagoodcut Little Member

    If thats anything like the green tabasco its probably delicious.
  2. Stormdrane

    Stormdrane 1st rate knot worker Brigade Member

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  3. Nate

    Nate Tiny Member

    Papa turts habenaro hot sauce!! It’ll make you cry but tastes so good you don’t care
  4. buddy

    buddy Slide to unlock JDBA Official Member

    Best hot sauce that I can get off Amazon?
  5. El Gringo

    El Gringo dashing devil

    Stubbs Wicked Wing sauce .... I cant live without it.
  6. BowtownBlade

    BowtownBlade Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I am not sure if this youtube has been posted in this thread, I find it interesting, it does have hot sauces

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  7. gutshot

    gutshot Tiny Member

    How hot do you like your sauces?

    My personal habanero based favorites are the red, green, and the brownish , kutbilik XXX hot all from the great El Yucateco brand https://www.elyucateco.com/copy-of-salsas. All very versatile and great for everyday use. I also use Franks red and the Tabasco brand red, green ,along with the rare and soon to be discontinued Scorpion Sauce. These are my go to sauces for most every meal I eat. I have the Dave's Insanity and the wonderful Blair's Death Sauce when I need to kick up the heat level . Keep in mind that most of the sauces with "extreme" levels of heat gain that heat by having synthesized capsicum added to them for that face melting, ass blasting ,murderous heat if that is what you're into.

    Good luck with your search and try them all!
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  8. buddy

    buddy Slide to unlock JDBA Official Member

    Thanks for the response. Yucateco is great all while being cheap and easy to get in big bottles at any of the mexican markets. Love franks and tabasco.

    While have not tried to many of the blairs and daves, feel like taste is compromised.

    I just got in the mail last was ca johns reaper sauce and elijah's xtreme ghost pepper sauce. Not sure if I would get either again but the elijah is def nice tasting.

    My go to have been recently secret aardvark sauce, yellowbird (all the flavors are great and while being cheaper then your other run of the mill niche types) and marie sharps.
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  9. gutshot

    gutshot Tiny Member

    I'll have to try that Aardvark Sauce down the road.... I actually grow my own chiles and was thinking about making sauce this year but ran out of time. I'd be aiming for heat with plenty of deep and complex flavors. Not easy to do by any strech.

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