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Hinderer Bronze Titanium Starter Pack for 3.5" XM

BBKoenigsegg Mar 20, 2017

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  1. BBKoenigsegg

    BBKoenigsegg Average member


    Up for sale is a mounted set of bronze anodized titanium hardware for the 3.5" XM-18. This set includes:

    - Bronze/ Satin Frag Titanium Scale from Monkey Edge
    - Pivot
    - LBS
    - (3) Scale Screws
    - (3) Standoffs
    - (3) Nuts
    - (4) STOCK SS Clip/ Filler Screws

    The scale has a very fine scratch or two, which are nearly impossible to picture. The pivot has some decent wear from the dis/reassembly process. The rest of the set is in great condition. It is also important to note, this scale is NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE at Monkey Edge. Grab one while you can.

    The price for this set will be as follows:

    $264.98 PayPal "goods and services" The scale is normally $200 and the hardware is worth well over $100. This price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.

    NOTE: The second picture is of a Limited Edition Two-tone Skinner to show what the scale and hardware look like when mounted.
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