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Glenn's Little Shop Of Horrors

Glenn Apr 4, 2014

  1. XxGRYMMxX

    XxGRYMMxX The Crayola Kid JDBA Official Member

    does the CF shred when you machine it? I would have thought the weave would be pulled apart by the cutting tools.

    top is pretty cool too. ball bearing pressed in for the nubbin?
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  2. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus

    CF is pretty resilient stuff, it's primary component away from the fiber is epoxy while it does somewhat shred it's mostly held together, with a good sharp cutter it mostly casts off power , black powder black lung type. All will also varie by quality of the stock working, not all is created equal some has loads of voids, others void free like anything in life you get what you pay for.

    Respirator working is critical, and post cutting to primary profile necessary to use grades of sandpaper to move past the rough created then to very fine grits, and polish on a cloth to gloss.

    The ball bearing is the exact size of the hole, fits "snug" and some adhesives for good measure.
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  3. XxGRYMMxX

    XxGRYMMxX The Crayola Kid JDBA Official Member

    Been playing a bit with CF in the garage for the bike project. One day ill be able to make something better than decorations for my trash can. cool to know its workable in other ways than regular cutting.

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