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BNIB iPad 12.9 inch,2017 64GB

mako Nov 27, 2017

  1. mako

    mako Huge member

    Hey Devilz!

    I've been been "off the grid" for a spell due to variousness life factors ranging from health issues to business and fiscal constraints. It's good to be back but unfortunately, my faint of wallet issues persist which forces me into trying to sell some goodies to gain some cash.
    I'll tear off the biggest band aid and start by listing my BNIB IPad Pro 12.9 inch, 2017 model ,featuring 64GB and WiFi ONLY!
    The seal on box is broken because my young son wanted to see what it looked like but it has never been used otherwise.
    I'm asking$750.00 delivered. CONUS ONLY! These are at$799.00 plus tax so here's a chance to save a few bucks and help a member at the same time.

    PAYPAL for all transactions. Insured Shipping and all fees inclusive.

    Reach out with any questions .

    Thanks for looking. Merry Christmas!

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    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  2. mako

    mako Huge member

    Price drop
    NOW $700.00
    Shipped CONUS only.

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