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Alt Blade Replicant - 320.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD

caseyedwards Mar 13, 2018

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  1. caseyedwards

    caseyedwards Average Member

    TROYBOT was fast on the trigger! Thus bitch has been sold!!!

    Selling Purdy Alt Rep!
    8.5/10 slight tip blunting/teeny tiny chip/handle hit floor.
    Comes with box butt no latch!! (Real men/desmodus don't use latches)

    Purdiest anodization evar! Polished hardware.
    Price includes shipping and PP GS charges! will ship within 24 hours! CONUS ONLY!!!

    Will send more pics an answer questions!!

    20180311_124438.jpg 20180313_115300.jpg 20180313_115315.jpg 20180313_115330.jpg 20180313_115236.jpg 20180311_125554.jpg
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  2. Traybot

    Traybot Tiny Member

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