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Thread: Bradley Kimura 8 prototypes! L@@K

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    Thumbs up Bradley Kimura 8 prototypes! L@@K

    hello devils, I've got a SET of NIB new bradley kimura VIII prototype butterfly knives, they have the classic kimura blade shape but with colored G10 scales. they come in 8 different colors;brown,blue,yellow,red,hunter(green).gray,or ange,olive. they look great and flip very well, all the blades are marked "Prototype". i would like to get $130 + shipping Each.(i accept paypal, gift is ok) if you have any questions or would like to get one of these beautiful butterflies for yourself, i can be reached at email is the FASTEST way to reach me!

    brown,blue,yellow,red,hunter(green).gray,orange,ol ive

    Thanks for looking!!
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    Do you know the weight compared to the other Kimuras?
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    still for sale

    are these still for sale?

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