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Thread: Pro Reel Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by TALEL View Post
    Yeah boy, you rock !!! Just reminds me the good old days when I was a teen and then I started to flipp some balis...It also reminds me on all the false explanations I have to tell to my mom why my hands were so injured ...
    Nice tricks I've seen on that vid anyway.
    Thanks, been flippn for about a year now, man I miss being a teenager! Im gonna hate it when my son reaches that age (if his feet smell anything like mine did)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uz4u View Post
    u suck, and the 51s a pussy knife

    j/k dude

    Nice flipping, keep the vids coming
    hahahah had me there for a second!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDR_Glock View Post
    Nice! Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for watching! you have a REALLY nice collection man!

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    I guess this is too good for the already made threads.

    What competition was the girl writing about?

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    pretty fucking epic...
    wish I had been there as well.

    good stuff guys
    /roll that shit.

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    Cool idea! What about a threesome next time? Maybe 9,4 and 14... need some power aerials in the mix
    Always blow on the pie (safer communities together)

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    Nice flipping!

    Where do these numbers come from?
    If I had to take a guess, there's 18 flippers. One of you is #9 and the other is #14.

    So now the question remains... what are these 18 flippers? Some new Arena society?

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    Fucking awesome Fke and Sarahea!
    This is what its all about.

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    excellent video and one that has not been explored very much by the masses of balisong manipulation. Hopefully there will be more collab projects in the future.

    The intro was well done and the music set the tone and feel...sarah's title shot was a perfect example of how a location can set the mood of a video.

    The flipping was great and looked good with your positioning from each other to add to the composition of the overall shot.

    lots of nice twirls and /rolls with fast paced tech flipping.

    i really liked the aerial pass and would like to see more of that type of interactivity with flipping in future collaborations.

    good job 9 and 14......when do 4 and 5 get to play?
    anyone wanna sell me a szabofly?

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    that was pretty did you guys come up with the idea of "couples" flipping? i left a comment on the video, as well.
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    That was freakin' AWESOME! I'm glad flippers are now getting featured in the same vid. That connects the community big time and makes a huge difference in how the community is perceived. Shows we're more one unit rather than a bunch of scattered individuals. Awesome work guys.
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