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Thread: Bark River Knife Forums Knife Review

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    Bark River Knife Forums Knife Review

    This is the 1st Bark River knife that I have had the pleasure to have in my possesion(if only for a couple of weeks). The fit and finish on this knife are 1st class!! It is a Knife Forums Model of a BRK Mini North Star. It has a 3 & 1/4 inch blade made of 12C27 Sandvick Stainless and has an overall length of 7 inches long. The handles are a very attractive Cambodian Amboynia burl with mosaic pins.The blade is a spear point and lends itself to various cutting chores. Due to the size of the knife and shape of the blade, it is perfect as an EDC. It had no problems cutting cardboard, newspaper and then into the kitche to slice tomatos and other vegetables. All the time, the knife held a shaving sharp edge and touched-up well with ceramic sticks. All in all, this knife is a real winner-I only wish I had a chance to use it during small game season, as I'm sure it would be perfect for that also. Congrats to Mike on a fantastic looking AND functioning knife.
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    Tough act to follow

    Boy what more can I say about this knife! Tony summed it up very well. Had a chance to get out this past weekend, and test this same knife out. The sheath took a little getting use to (had to grip with 2 fingers to draw, then readjust my hand to choke up on the handle), however the lanyard on the knife aids in drawing from the sheath. The fit and finish on the knife is superb, and the burled amboynia handles are amazing. I sliced up a small section of paracord with ease, and whittled a few wooden stakes to pin down the targets from the wind. The knife lends itself to a natural grip, and the flat ground blade was razor sharp, and holds an edge extremely well. I am sure when I send this back, I will be picking up one for myself to keep. And a couple pics out in the field...

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    I have the same model; it's awesome!

    But where'd those sheaths come from? Mine came with a flat sheath with two slots for a belt, which presses too close to my body to draw and sheathe easily--that style looks like a big improvement.

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    Pm me your Name and Address and I'll send you one of the sheaths.

    I don't like the Pancake one either.

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    Now that's service.

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    Great knife, great review, great service.

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    PM sent.

    I've already been telling people Bark River has the best fixed blades on the market; now I gotta tell 'em about the unbelievable customer service, too. :-D

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    Looking forward to my turn with this knife.
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    I've ordered one of these thru Bart with a G10 handle and look forawrd to it - give it a Kydex sheath and it's a perfect little EDC for trail and town.
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