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Thread: Megashark with bolsters

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    Resident Bastid mack1's Avatar
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    Here, or there.
    I like it!!!

    Saw a knife that reminded me of your designs(since re-designed) and came over to look again at yours.

    Man you been busy!
    Keep it up, Harm.

    Hey Iceman!
    "Once a Marine, always a Marine" Semper Fi!

    Don't tread on me!

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    Thats one good looking blade.

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    Were it not for the local laws, that is what I'd like to carry daily.

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    I don`t usually carry fixed blades but that one there is OUTSTANDING!!! Made me drool and now I am rethinking my position but local laws (NJ) would probably prohibit it. Thanks for sharing.

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    I like the recurve.

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    This IS the droid you are looking for! droid's Avatar
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    The bolsters add so much to that blade. Excellent work!

    The hand satin finish of the blade, the tapered tang, the lines of the knife... it all comes together in a beautiful piece of functional art.

    I'm still amazed when I handle my giraffe bone folder and think on how impeccable your work is.

    May you build many more, my friend!

    "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” –Henry David Thoreau

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