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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Time to add this to the bunch:

    S30V blade, 6" long and 2 1/2" wide. Full flat grind with black G10 bolsters and stabilized redwood burl handle.

    Edit: and look at that. Post #666! bwahahahaha

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    Sweet cutlery buddy.

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    more, sire bagel, more!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Daigle View Post

    Edit: and look at that. Post #666! bwahahahaha
    Daaamn !!! Such a nice place they call Jerzee Devil...
    That infamous number... After all, let's face it, we're all riding on the highway to hell .
    We got some nice stuffs right there. The push daggers are great.
    "The devil inside
    The devil inside
    Every single one of us the devil inside" INXS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikebarhoot View Post
    Well now, that looks real purdy!

    Quote Originally Posted by ratstuph
    We only destroy dreams here, not "restore" them.
    welcome to da JD,
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    thank ya señor! its a bottle openin mofo!

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