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    Well, I guess every individual forum needs their own gallery so here goes. In no particular order.

    Forged bullnose skinner out of 1084. The handle is osage orange with a spacer of buffalo horn. The guard is 416 SS.

    Push knife out of O1 steel with a G10 handle and Kydex sheath.

    Small neck knife out of O1 steel, copper bolsters and Cocobolo handles.

    Large chef's knife out of S30V steel with an osage orange handle.

    Chef's knife out of ATS34 and the handle is a mix of stabilized burl wood, 416SS, copper and gemstone.

    Chef's knife out of ATS34 with stabilized burl handle and Mokume bolsters.

    Kitchen knife out of stainless damascus, 416SS bolsters and stabilized burl wood. (photo by Coop)

    Hunter in 154CM with a green canvas Micarta handle. Blasted finish.

    Small gents knife in carbon damascus, 416SS bolsters and Blesbok horn handles with red liners.

    SHOT show knife collaboration with Ned Christiansen who made a mathing 1911 pistol that sported ivory from the same piece I used. (sheath by Dave Cole)

    Small neck knife out of O1 with carbon fiber handles and orange G10 liners.

    First folder with a blade of O1 steel, titanium liners and tan G10 scales.

    Filet knife made with stainless damascus. Handle is stacked with stabilzed burl wood, mammoth ivory and spacer material.

    Push knife out of O1 steel, G10 handle and a Kydex sheath.

    Folder with blade of 3V and desert ironwood handle. Liners are Ti.

    Folder with a blade of CPM154CM, stainless damascus bolsters and handle of stabilized curly Koa.

    And lastly, small gents knife made with stainless damascus, bolsters of 416SS and mammoth ivory handles.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Great looking stuff Chris! I really like those folders!
    SEMPER FI :semper:


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    That stainless damascus kitchen knife is pretty hot.
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    nice work on all! a nice variety

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    thats some awesome work man!! keep up the good work

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    Thanks all. I'll be adding to this in the next day or so.


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    The third pick is one of my favorites, the small neck knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheneniganer View Post
    The third pick is one of my favorites, the small neck knife
    Not sure what it is/was about that one. To this day it remians one of my wife's favorites. And it was a very early piece. Maybe one of the first ones when I got my KMG grinder, many moons ago. But thanks!

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    Thumbs up

    Great designs.


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    The folder with the Stabilized curly Koa is...well...
    Damn, I'm at a loss for words!

    Fantastic blade, Brother!!
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    Your work is stunning. Nice job all the way around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMCNEES View Post
    Great looking stuff Chris! I really like those folders!

    Great job! I like seeing stuff like this, people taking pride in their creations.
    You can tell you love your work. KUDOS
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    Very handsome looking knives!

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    All great work bud !!!! very cool
    Check out my website !

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    Coated push knife....I LOOOOVE....full of win bro. Well done!


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