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Thread: Alpha Knife Supply / Bohler Fighter

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    Alpha Knife Supply / Bohler Fighter

    This is a Fighter I did For the Folks at Bohler steel And my good friends At Alpha knife supply. I'd like to Thank Chuck Bybee for the opportunity to be involved in this project. I cant say enough good things about Chuck and Jessica for the superb service and even though weve never met, They make me feel like I've known them forever.

    Hopfully some of you may have seen it at the Bohler booth at the Blade show.

    I wish My pics were better, I think they're over exposed or something.

    Thanks For Lookin!


    Steel is Bohler N690, 800 grit handrubbed finish
    416 guard
    And a nice piece of curl Koa from Alpha knife supply.

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    Thumbs up

    I started a thread about STEEL elsewhere on the net and Chuck mentioned sending you a piece

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    Tanks Men!


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    That is really nice.

    "A tuft of hair gotten from the head of a full-grown Brock is powerful to ward off all manner of witchcraft; these must be worn in a little bag made of cat's skin - a black cat - and tied about the neck when the moon be not more than seven days old, and under that aspect when the planet Jupiter be mid-heaven at midnight."

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    Gorgeous Very well done Sir!

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