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Thread: Megga Sienna folder...

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    Megga Sienna folder...

    OK, so really crappy pics for now but I'm really stoked at how this turned out. Better pics to follow I promise.

    This is my third folder to date. I scaled it to three different sizes and this is the largest, hence the "Megga Sienna" title. Sienna was one of our Australian Shepherds that we had in our house for over 11 years. I can't express how good a dog and companion she was for so long. We lost her last year to kidney cancer. It was tough, believe me. And it was at around that time that I drew the sketch for this folder. Sooooo...

    I took some low light pics. Sorry. All that is left to do is sharpen it and take better pictures for details.

    Blade is CPM 154CM. Liners are titanium and anodized. Bolsters are stainless damascus (Bertie Rietveld of South Africa and heat treated by me). Handle scales are stabilized curly Koa from no other than Chuck and family at AKS.

    The blade and clip before putting it together and anodizing. Mason logo as per client request.

    For size comparison. Next to my Commander EDC. Not a mini.

    Blade thickness.

    Many thanks to you know who for letting me in on this project.


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    Looking good BRO. Pics of the lock up etc. seem missing

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    What I want to see is one in my collection

    Nice work.

    JDBA #.5

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    Thanks guys. Finishing it up this weekend along with final pics. (Yes Ron, lockup too)

    Benny, let me know when you're local and can swing by the shop.


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    Damn Chris, that is a big ass MOFO. Looks like you been hangin with Les George by the size of it. I can hardly wait for you to start work on mine. Stay in touch and CONGRATS on a super sweet looking knife.

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    Now *that`s* a stout piece....handsome devil, too....
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    Some better pics as promised:

    And thanks all for the compliments.


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    That is one big bad ass knife. Maybe a little too big for my tates but you got skillz!

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    damn, it's nice Chris...

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    That is a great looking knife Chris, a little small though....
    Les George
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    Definitely a little small! :P

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    Stunning work

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    Chris that is friken beautiful! Great choice of materials and finished product.

    Quote Originally Posted by Les George View Post
    That is a great looking knife Chris, a little small though....
    Sort of like a Les George Slipjoint?
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