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Thread: Glenn is GTG

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    Did a transaction with Glenn. Super speedy pay was a pleasure. Thanks again
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    Glenn is a great guy, fast and friendly emails and faster payment. What more could you want from a great guy.

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    Very good experience with Glenn for a first time overseas deal; bought a handy piece of equipment from him without so much as a hick-up.

    Email contact was very friendly, he shipped very quickly and well packaged & the item itself was exactly as described.

    I would not only buy from him again, i would also highly recommend him to others.

    I'm a happy camper,

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    Thumbs up Glenn is the Cat's Ass......

    .....or as my spanish friends mom would say "The Ass of the Cat!" Glenn and I did a couple of deals together, he coughed up the cash faster than my boy could cough up a lugee and was a joy to smack PM's back and forth with!! Glenn is an impressive devil!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slimkango View Post
    .....or as my spanish friends mom would say "The Ass of the Cat!" Glenn and I did a deal together, he coughed up the cash faster than my boy could a lugee and was a joy to smack PM's back and forth with!! Glenn is an impressive devil!

    MEOW !!

    OPPS wrong end..

    Thanks all above, pleasure was all mine !

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    Glenn is +++

    Just finished a deal with Glenn...smooth as silk! He's a double thumbs up in my book!

    Thanks Glenn

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    Thumbs up

    Just bought a Dalton from Glenn. Couldnt ask for a better transaction!!


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    Adding another +1 to Glenn's feedback thread! Super fast knife trade, shipped promptly as promised. Hope to have future transactions!

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    +1. Great guy! Paid super fast and maintained great communication. Easy going and understanding with a delay in shipping.

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    Glenn is the best of the best of the best of.............recurring!
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    Thumbs up Glenn rocks !!!!!!!!

    Smooth deal with Glenn. He is good to go.


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    Thumbs up Thanks Glenn

    Gotta love Glenn - turned me into a pagan on the last trade with his interesting goods...

    Thanks buddy!


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    Thumbs up

    And ANOTHER great deal done between me and Glenn ----- he is a GOOD GUY -------- or a really good actor

    THANK YOU Glenn --- as always !!!
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    +1 for Glenn. He's a great guy all around. Very good emails, super friendly to talk to, and shipped a knife to me very fast. Would do business with again.

    And Glenn, if I'm ever in FL, I owe you a beer (or a soda)


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    Let me preface by saying I've bought hundreds of knives on several different forums, JD, USN, BF, KF, BMF, ect. I've never had as good of service as Glenn gave me. The dude is a frickin' rockstar, he gave me a solid and honest deal, within 30 minutes of sending him money had sent me a photo of the packed knife and tracking info and got the knife out the same day. Great communication is the understatement of the century.

    Glenn's the man! Don't write me off as a lost cause. I want to do right by everyone, be the best maker I can be, concentrait on communication, honesty, clarity, quality and improvement, and reverse the stigma attached to my name. I no longer wish to be a pariah or black sheep, it's not good enough for me and I know I can do better.

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