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Thread: AFTERMARKET KNIVES, Trading, Etc.

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    Hi Everyone: Buying and re-selling, or trading custom knives is a part of the process for many collectors. This is great!

    As I have been answering a fair amount of emails lately that relate to knives either being traded, sold or purchased in the aftermarket, I wanted to share some thoughts on the process. Hopefully, this will help everyone involved to have the best experience.

    I am happy to help, as I am able, to assist a buyer or seller of one of my knives by resharpening, re-furbishing, etc. Regardless of whether you are a new or repeat customer.

    I do charge a fee for re-sharpening, and I do charge for return shipping. Generally, when I have the knife, I will make whatever cosmetic improvements I can, and make it look as good as possible when it leaves my shop. I have been doing this for years now, even though I often spend extra time above and beyond what I charge for.

    Changing scales on a HAVOC or DEVASTATOR is a snap. Changing scales on a Q-36 is a bit more costly, because of the fitting involved, but still easy.

    What I cannot do is turn your aftermarket purchase into a different knife. Swapping blades, re-grinding blades (that aren't damaged), radically changing the finish on a handle (powdercoating a non-powdercoated frame, for example) are examples of things that are just not feasible for me to do. Often, the time required to make these changes is longer than making an entire knife. And, the risk is much greater. So I am suggesting that you know what you are buying and that it is what you want before you complete the transaction.

    And please remember, only knives that have NEVER been carried or used will be in the same condition they were when originally delivered. It is reasonable that any used knife will require a little TLC, either before or after the sale.

    If you need to send a knife in, please email me @
    and continue to reply to the original email until we're all set. This makes it much easier for me to keep track of the communication.

    Also, when you send the knife in, please send a letter or copy of the email that states exactly what you would like done.

    Thanks for your support with this!
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    Stay Sharp,

    RJ Martin

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    Excellent post idea!

    Most operator errors occur when the new buyer does not ask the right questions of the seller. Remember, none of that is the knives original creator's fault if you purchased incorrectly. *Ahem*

    RJ- Can I send one of those bulk package priced boxes up for full refurbs?

    Your pal,

    Ron LaBella

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    Everything I sent to RJ came back MINT, unbelieveable...Thanks RJ

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