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Thread: Wasteland Leatherwork mens belt.

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    Wasteland Leatherwork mens belt.

    Hi Folks -

    A few days ago I received a beautiful, hand-crafted leather belt from Noah, who has partnered with Stomper of JK's knives to offer an alternative sheath to purchasers of Stompers JK Handmade knives.

    Noah came from a small town within 20 miles of my home in the cornfields of central Illinois. Noah escaped the corn and now hails from Arizona, where he can make you any number of cool leather goods.

    I asked Noah if he could make me a simple black leather belt, and he delivered a hand-made beauty that is so sweet my wife almost instantly asked me to get her one! My wife is not that easy to please (I am proof of that ), so that is high praise!

    I wish there was a way that could convey how soft and supple this belt is, but suffice to say, the belt is flawless and the leather melts in your hands.

    Here are a few pictures I took this evening with the my new belt and a my prized JK Handmade knives -

    If you want to see all the pics, you can view them at the link below

    Thanks for a great new belt, Noah!

    best regards-


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    Got a link for Noah...great work,nice hide.
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    That is so very nice.....

    I have been wearing a Made In USA belt I got at REI - it's coming apart at the glued bits and is not worth having sewn. Looks like I need to look your friend up.
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    Thanks for the write-up, mqqn!

    Ninjaz7 and Parker: I'm actually here on JD every now and then, so you can send me a message or e-mail me either from here or through my website if you guys are interested. The piece of hide I used for mqqn's belt is still in my closet and I can get another two--maybe three--belts out of it.


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    Hi Guys -

    I apologize for not seeing this thread earlier, but looks like Noah found it!

    I have been wearing my belt daily, and I love it.

    I have plans to order a couple more belts and a sheath from Wasteland Leatherwork.

    best regards -


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    Nice job on that...Yea I just hit him up on his site,good things are gonna happen,I feel it.
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    WOW....awwwsome...ever had a belt that was supple and heavy duty,thought there couldnt be one with the other.Cant even compare it to something off the rack, Nice job Noah.
    I'm not a Ninja...I just ride one

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    Glad you like it!


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    Update -

    I still wear this belt every day and although it shows some wear, it still is a great belt.



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