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Thread: A couple of fighters delivered to NYC last week.

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    Jerzee Custom Knife Maker Shawn Knowles's Avatar
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    Thanks Kong...these usually go 13-13 1/4". Blade length is 8 1/4".

    Shawn Knowles Custom Knives on The JD

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    Phone - (908)-303-2169

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    juvenille delinquent Harley Rider's Avatar
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    Very nice, my kind of fighter!

    "What's your excuse numb nuts?"

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    Beautiful lines and awesome grinds.
    Looking for the following (mint condition only):
    RJ Martin Q-36 with S90V laminated blade
    RJ Martin: basically anything S110V
    Peter Carey Nitro Extreme
    Peter Carey Rubicon Extreme
    Todd Rexford Icon
    Hinderer XM-24 hand-ground (Spanto, spearpoint or Bowie)

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    Very well designed and awsome grind lines!
    Brang me two 1911s,
    I want one for each hand,
    We'll set sail with Colonel Cooper,
    Though we never leave dry land,
    All the goblins, I've forgot 'em,
    I buried them in the sand
    So give me two 1911s,
    One for each hand.

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