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Thread: Strider Tad Dauntless

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    Ummm..."send it in"?
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    ok so here is a mini review...

    I got my # 064 today.

    Parker - if you call me, I will bring it with me while in Chicago I will even buy you a beer, or two ..... might even let you hold it if you promise not to waive it around the bar.

    mini review:

    First off - It is a big knife, longer than an SMF but smaller than a SnG XL. Thinner profile than an SMF and more like a CRK Umnumzaan in terms of its handle size (Length the same, width the same and depth the same if you get my drift). Thin like a Concealed Carry SMF or SnG. Contoured G 10 but the Ti side is not so curved like a CC version but is still got a bit of a curve to it. Blade is bad ass, long like 4" approx cutting edge. No matter how you hold it, it is very comfortable in the hand. Some have made mention of the 'different' choil and finger cut out not being normal. Trust me, no matter how you hold it, it is a very comfortable carry. I have very mixed feelings about this puppy. I like it a lot and am leaning towards using it. Even at $600. That would mean I really do not need my user SMF that I have used for about four years.

    Now for all you anti Strider anti Fan Boys or whatever you call yourselves:

    Opens a bit stiff, but it seems that if I open/close it a fair bit and possibly add a drop of Rem Oil it will be as slick as a 20 year old whore. To be advised.

    Lock up is a distinct "snap" and of course the fucking thing is centered, not even close to rubbing on either side of the G10 or the Ti. Not that it fucking matters one bit but I thought I would let you anal retentive twats know mine is centred.

    Since I have just received it and have only admired it and taken one crappy pic; I do not know what the hell it cuts like. Night in the hotel room is young though...

    Here is a pic from my mobile in my hotel room tonight.

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    Gettin' paid to draw knife pictures!! Really!!!
    RNST - Nice min review! And here I thought you weren't going to get one! I think it's even better that you had it delivered to your hotel! Hope you enjoy it man!
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    Cool that you got one. I still can't get past the choil, but will have to hold one.

    Thanks for posting.

    Oh yeah, pay attention to his phone pic.
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    Cool stuff man! I really like the blade shape on that one.... Now go cut up a bran muffin with it at breakfast.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lezard View Post
    Cool stuff man! I really like the blade shape on that one.... Now go cut up a bran muffin with it at breakfast.....
    Be careful. You might void the guarantee with that type of abuse

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    thanks for the review RNST !!!
    there's one thing, what do you think about the clip? it look's a bit "misplaced" to me on that knife - could you take a pic of the knife clipped to you pocket? i guess form follows function there


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Minton
    $575 on a Strider??? No frikkin way!!! I'd rather get a Chris Reeve than buy a knife that will develop blade play in a week.
    A week, really?

    There's statements, and theres just plain silly statements.

    Speaking of silly, that sig..........

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    CONGRATS on scoring one of those!!!!
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    Nice score and thanks for the pic. Let us know how it's working out for you.

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    Congrats, and nice mini-review!

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    Was always partial to the Tad Dauntless / Vallotton auto...and still am. Sadly,I don't own one.

    Dauntless D/A
    by Thomas Vallotton

    The Dauntless is an excellent D/A with a bolster release. Notched thumbrest. Nicely contoured handle with deep finger grooves. Smooth manual action and powerful automatic action.
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    I carried my Strider Dauntless all day and I will report it ROCKS! Very comfortable in the hand. Excellent early lock up on mine. Very light for such a big knife. An elegant folder from Strider.
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    Let us know when it starts to develop blade play
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Minton View Post
    Let us know when it starts to develop blade play

    You guys love to bash Strider.

    I feel you can run your mouth and bash Strider when.

    1 You can make a full line of fixed and folders.
    2 Run an American business in California and be successfull.
    3 Have large Military contracts and have models with NSN designations.
    4 Back your knives with the best warranty in the business.
    5 Grind a custom better Than Mick or Duane.
    6 Employ Americans on US soil.

    I could go on. But I bet you can't do one of these things. Typical hater, you probably never owned a Strider.
    The money feels good
    And your life you like it well
    But surely your time will come
    As in heaven, as in hell

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