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Thread: Anyone here make a knife from a wrench?

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    Anyone here make a knife from a wrench?

    I have a few of them in my knife collection and I don't believe I ever found out what kind
    of steel wrenches are made from? I assume they might contain chromium/vanadium/molybdenum
    but you know where 'assume' gets you.

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    ETA: I would like to know what exactly the steel used in wrenches as well.

    Wow....Those are pretty cool looking! Think you just gave me an idea for my first

    Cool blades Clydetz.


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    So no one knows what steel is used in a wrench?
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    Vanadium , resulting in a significant increase in the strength of the steel. There are two groups of vanadium containing steel alloy groups. Vanadium high-carbon steel alloys containing 0.15 to 0.25 percent vanadium and high speed tool steels (HSS) with a vanadium content ranges from 1 % to 5 %. For high speed tool steels, a hardness above HRC 60 can be achieved. HSS steel is used in surgical instruments and tools.

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    Those are cool!

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    Yay! Clydetz has invented the multi-tool!

    Step aside Mr Leatherman.....

    Enter Clydetz with his Knife and wrench combo!

    Looks WAY cooler than a Leatherman too.

    Where did you get them sir?

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    Bruce Evans had made me a couple of knives and I noticed a wrench knife pictured on his website. Wound up sending him 8 different Craftsman wrenches to be made into knives. I liked the idea of adding some knives made from odd-ball stuff to my collection... J. Neilson made me 2 beautiful knives from a horseshoe as well as a railroad spike. I did some picture file hunting and found some pictures of the original 8...

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    me the gentle, patient, mellow man that I am today.
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    Thanks for sharing Clydetz, those are very cool! I might be sacrificing some of my wrenches very soon

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    I figured that wrenches were plated with chrome or sumthin,i guess not.
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    Finally a good reason to buy a craftsman tool. Nice set Clydetz.
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    something like this was also on a dutch forum, this was posted by someone who we overhere all respect for his knowledge about steel types and also is a well known knifemaker posted this in the Netherlands:

    Re: Roodkoperen rug
    door AchimW op zo jan 04, 2009 6:05 pm

    Een aanmerking: de beste kwaliteit van sleutels (en die hier gebruikte GEDORE zijn top-gereedschappen) word gemaakt van staal 1.2208 = 31CrV3. Deze staal is niet geschikt om messen van te maken, want zelfs met de beste warmtebehandeling word het niet hard genoeg. Sorry.


    Re: Red Copper back
    by AchimW as January 04, 2009 6:05 pm

    A consideration: the best quality of keys (and who used his top-GEDORE tools) is made of steel 1.2208 = 31CrV3. This steel is not suitable for blades of it, because even with the best heat treatment is not hard enough. Sorry.

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    That is way way to cool seen most but never that.
    Makes me smile.

    First time ever using one of these creepy things

    Stebbins Damascus Knives

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    Would that have a low nickel content also?
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