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Thread: FS-3 rarities from REKAT and a cool bali sheath.

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    FS-3 rarities from REKAT and a cool bali sheath.

    I've got 4 good ones for the collectors of rare production fighting knives.

    1. VG condition REKAT Hobbit with GREEN-T coated ATS-34 blade and kydex sheath. I carried this one on day hikes but never cut anything with it. It has minor sheath wear and a small ding on the skull crusher pommel. $200--> $175--> $150

    2. VG+ Gen.1 REKAT Pocket Hobbit with kydex sheath and original shipping tube. Unused but lightly carried. Modded by "BigWave Dave" from Usual Suspects Network. Mods are as follows: Blue carbon fiber handle scales (react to light very nicely), polished g-10 bolster, titanium backspacer with jeweling inside. $300--> $275--> $250

    3. VG+ REKAT Sifu with foliage Green G-10 scales and Stonewash ATS-34 blade. Comes in original shipping tube. Unused but lightly carried. $300--> $275--> $250

    Finally, a cool balisong sheath-
    4. Extreme Sheath works double bali sheath in Urban Camo kydex. Fitted to hold two BM 4 series bali's. $25

    PayPal preferred. Shipping by way of USPS Priority. Inspection period available on all sales.

    If you'd like to offer me lower, then please don't lowball me too bad, that's all I ask. These pieces are hard enough to find for sale, let alone for me to part with, but I need the money.

    And now for some pictures (I apologize for the pics my ancient camera takes) More pics available on request (maybe better ones if I can use my friends camera):

    Hobbit Warrior

    Pocket Hobbit


    bali sheath

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    Lowered prices on these REKATS.
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    REKAT knives lowered again.
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    All 3 REKAT's pending deal closure.

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    Brother PLEASE let me know if this offer falls through, I'm VERY interested in the hobbit (as in I'll take it) I also want the hobbit folder but would like to work a possible trade for that if you're interested.

    Please e-mail me at
    or call me at (916) 429-5325

    Mods please remove phone number if that's not cool to post here.



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