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Thread: Chris Daigle custom 3v and Ironwood folder

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    Chris Daigle custom 3v and Ironwood folder

    Got this today from Chris, this thing is amazing!
    CPM-3v blade
    Desert Ironwood handles
    Titanium liners
    Desert Ironwood backspacer

    And the artsy picture
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Daigle
    If I knew all my knives were ending up in safes, I'd fucking quit and take up quilting

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    that is one great looking folder

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    Beautiful knife, wow. Good score.
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    Very nice, I like those backspacers.
    SEMPER FI :semper:


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    Thanks guys.

    Cool pics Zach. Much better than my own.


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    Wicked knife man, love it!
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    Thumbs up

    Good stuff Zach and Chris!

    JD Disclaimer: Chris Daigle is not the black man in those pictures so stop asking

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    What are you talking about?
    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rio View Post
    that is one great looking folder
    i see nada

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    Quote Originally Posted by druefuss View Post
    i see nada
    Yeah, my links are dead. I'll repost them but this is it
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Daigle
    If I knew all my knives were ending up in safes, I'd fucking quit and take up quilting

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    Real nice folder .... good work Chris..... Bubba
    Its not a Tanto unless its 6" long

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