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Thread: WIP- Complete Step by step--pgs 1-5 Knife and scales-- pg 7 sheathwork.. lots of pics

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    Checked out the previous threads and yes, your knives look right as rain - that said, if you want a leg up on the comp, IMO, keep showing the knives w/sheaths, and how they're carried, i.e. on the belt, etc. (you leftie you)...those types of photo shots, will, in effect, sell the knife to the public like me. They break from the norm, which in this market, is a good thing.


    p.s. Put me down for a very smooth, completely radiused handle FOS combo sheath model if <~$200 delivered - wicked sharp please, handle material of your choice in any color other than black, the lighter the better if delivered with a blasted blade...
    Randall Made Knives - Bought and Sold

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    those are going to turn out Great!!!


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    Alright! Keeping busy in the new year I see...
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    Quote Originally Posted by M.Olexey View Post
    Notice the "semper" scribbled on one?
    Yeb, first thing I noticed..........Thanks, can't wait! :semper:

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    Alright got back at it below

    Started out today center punching the holes in the blanks. I just eyeball the locations...nothing to technical...just try to keep in the center of the blank and a visually pleasing distance between the holes...

    Drilled about 40 holes (4 each in 10 blanks) The CPM 154 drills pretty easily...

    Then chamfered all the holes to remove the hard edge (great place for stress fractures)...

    Holes all drilled (one for the lanyard hole, two for pins or screws, and one big one for epoxy flow through or in the case of screws....looks. So then I mark off the location of the thumb serrations..

    I do the large serrations on the KMG with a .250" small wheel using the MAP arm to keep it all square...

    For the smaller serrations like I use on the HOS, I start by scoring the spine with a die grinder (picked up from a Ken Brock step by step on another forum....yes Ron their used to be other forums )

    Then I lay in the serrations on a dremel shaper table with a 1/8th" carbide cutter.....

    A shot of the two different kind of serrations...

    Stamping....I have my stamp rigged into the end of the arbor press... I press the stamp to the blank then whack the top of the ram with a 4 llb whacking the shit out of my hand three out of five times when held manually....

    Now back to the flat platen to clean up the flats and burrs from cutting the serrations, plus flatten the indention from stamping....first the 60 grit belt then a fresh 120...

    Deburring all the sharp corners with the scotchbrite wheel....I dont know if it's necessary at this point but I've always done it....

    Finally...I wash all the grit and grease off with soapy water and we have ten nice clean blanks ready to ship out for heat treat...

    When these get back I'll pick this up where we left off.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    Martin God hates an overachiever.

    Post heat treat is the only way to go. Hey didn't I mention that already. Oh if Kens says it you will try it but if I mention it ya ignore me.

    Ha! I remember you saying that but not all of us are making that fancy smancy double bolster folding stuff Mr Onio....I mean Zermeno. Thought I'd talk to someone doing fixed blade stuff to see what all I should expect.

    Your input was definitely factored into my decision.


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    This a GOOD thread.

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    A great thread. These usually are.
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    Great thread MO! I like how you do the small serrations. Better than a chainsaw file anyday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BARKER View Post
    Great thread MO! I like how you do the small serrations. Better than a chainsaw file anyday!
    For sure. I'll do filework by hand only when the desired effect can't be achieved by machine

    Thanks guys. Hopefully in about two-three weeks I'll have them back and ready to continue.


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    I really like that FOS profile... will do my best to keep my eyes on this thread!

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    Very cool pictures, I like to see how the process happens. Can't wait to see the pikal!

    I recently got into knife making. I have a Delta 1x42 and hacksaw, it works, but a lot slower then a KMG with some attachments and a bandsaw. I told myself I won't touch another file for at least a month to profile finger grooves and choils, hahah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theMachine View Post
    I told myself I won't touch another file for at least a month to profile finger grooves and choils, hahah.
    Ha! Been there brother.


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    Very cool. Always like a good step by step thread with lots of pics.
    Check Out The JD Pass Around Forum

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    Love the step-by-step. Thanks for taking the time.

    Gonna be great little blades!

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