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Thread: Knifemaking Suppliers

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    Knifemaking Suppliers

    If you have any good links for suppliers feel free to post them or drop me a pm to add them.

    Tool Suppliers

    Travers Tool Co

    Rex Tool

    CW Rod Tool

    MSC Direct – Tools and parts

    Enco – Tool Supply

    Wholesale Tool

    Beaumont Metal Works - KMG

    Dozier Grinder

    McMaster- Carr

    Grizzly Industrial


    Riverside Machine Shop – “Uncle Al”

    General Tool

    Knifemaking Suppliers

    Texas Knifemakers Supply


    Pops Knife Supplies

    Knife and gun finishing supplies

    Alpha Knife Supply

    Tru Grit – Also has Hardcore Grinder

    Hawkins Knifemaking Supplies

    Halpern Titanium


    Culpepper & Co.

    Jantz Supply

    USA Knifemaker Supply

    Sheffield Supply

    Knife Supplies - Thunderforged Damascus

    Sword Parts

    Steel Suppliers

    Crucible Steel

    Devin Thomas Damascus


    Admiral Steel

    Chad Nichols Damascus

    DamaSteel USA

    Eggerling Damascus - Does not have a website I am aware of.

    Leatherworking Supply

    Tandy Leather Supply

    Alligator Market - Exotic Skins


    Reactive Metals – Anodizing Supply

    Circuit Specialists Inc - Same anodizer as reactive metals but cheaper.

    Misc Parts

    Micro Fasteners


    Small Parts.Com

    Professional Plastics - Kydex (30-40 colors), Teflon, G10, FR4, Laminates, ect, (Mostly Large Quantities)

    Buckeye Engraving – Hand Stamps

    Bokers – Custom Washers - 22,000 Sizes, 2,000 Materials

    Interstate Plastics

    Lanyard Zone - Lanyards and Skull beads

    Forging Suppliers

    Ellis Custom Knife works – Forging Supplies

    Diamondback Forge

    Blacksmith Depot

    Blacksmith Supply

    Wood Suppliers

    Ironwood by Don

    Arizona Ironwood

    Wood Stabilizing Specialists

    Unique Wood

    Exotic Wood Group

    Griffin Exotic Wood

    Wood Craft - Storefronts sometimes has stuff not listed in the catalog.




    Powder By The Pound

    Waterjet Cutting

    Halpern Titanium

    Great Lakes Waterjet

    Great Western Metals

    Laser Engraving

    Skull Bones Laser Graphics - Laser engraving by bikers so they do custom bike parts also.

    Carbon Fiber and composites

    Black Site Carbon Fiber

    Sierra Composites

    shadetree custom composites

    Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Supply - carbon fiber & Kevlar cloth and resins to make laminates.


    Lectro Etch

    IMG International Marking Group

    Phosphor Bronze Sheet

    Mead Metals

    Vibratory Media and Supplies.

    Kramer Industries
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    gang aft agley
    Thanks Will for doing this!

    I do Custom Composite Knife Scales (handmade micartas and G10)

    shadetree custom composites

    Give me convenience or give me death

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    Added it to the list.


    You might find this of interest then.

    It's a supplier of homebuillt aircraft supplies and have carbon fiber, kevlar, e glass, s glass, and ceramic fabric along with laminating supplies including structural rated resins.
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    Thank you Sir, and I already had them bookmarked

    Give me convenience or give me death

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    Quote Originally Posted by fod View Post
    Thank you Sir, and I already had them bookmarked

    They have a catalog also. Over 700 pages that they will send out.

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    Great links. I'm just getting into knife making so this helps a lot.

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    Thanks for the links. Every supplier I've found so far is already on your list.

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    Nice list!
    Keeping it Simple & Practical with Hand Forged Tools.

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