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    Welcome to my gallery. I'm still trying to locate more pics and I'll post them as I locate them.

    San Mai Azrael with Pre Ban Elephant Ivory Scale and Ti Bolster. Added 11/07/2010

    Azrael with Chad Nichols Blackout Damascus.

    Azrael with Dual Liners, Stainless Damascus Bolster and Carbon Fiber. Added 05/31/2009

    Ti Scales with Natural G10 Added 05/31/2009

    Mini Azrael with Damascus Blade and Scale

    Azrael with Long Ti bolster and carbon fiber.

    Azrael with Damascus Bolster and Carbon Fiber.

    Azrael with Ti bolster and natural G10

    Azrael with S30V blade and Grey and Black G10

    Azrael Lock.

    Mini Saigo

    Azrael with Carbon Fiber scale and S30V Blade.

    Azrael with Blue Ti and Damascus scale.03/21/09

    Saigo with Chad Nichols damascus blade and scale.

    Mini Siago with Damascus Scale.

    Azrael with Carbon Fiber and Ti Bolster Added 01/01/2009

    Fixed CPM154 with OD Green G10 Scales. Added 10/31/2008

    Saigo Flipper with Damascus Clip Point and Mokume Bolsters. Added 10/09/2008

    Saigō Flipper with Damascus Clip and S30V Blade. ADDED 09/27/2008

    Folder with a Punisher Logo

    Flipper with Ti bolster and silver twill with my skull hole in blade.

    Damascus flipper with damascus clip

    Damascus fixed blade with OD G10

    Recurve with ironwood scales

    Flipper with Skull hole and demon cut in scale anodized rainbow for the wife because she wanted it that way.

    folder with OG G10 scale and backspacer

    burl pushdagger

    damascus and bone pushdagger

    Damascus with stainless damascus bolsters.

    Mini Bowie with box elder

    Mini Bowie with California buckeye and mosaic pins.
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    That's some hot looking shit you got there buddy.

    I'd never seen the mini bowie before. That's is off the scale cool!

    Glad to see you here with your own forum buddy.


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    Cool style man!

    Love the skull holes!!

    You learn and discover so much on JD!!!
    + =

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    Nice knives Bro... Db very nice
    Stebbins Damascus Knives

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    Holy Crap ... very impressive looking designs !!

    More pics please !!

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    I know more about nothing than you ever will
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    Very Nice work.....

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    Thumbs up

    Outstanding work brother!


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    Thats some fine work Will. I cant make my ind up one which one I like the best. Keep up the good work.

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    The fixed blade with the 45 compact is superb. Really fine folders also.
    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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    Love the work

    The fixed damascus with the OD scales looks slick.

    Ilike how you don't use just one type of steel.
    Out of all those what is your favorite.

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    Thumbs up

    Will's work is AWESOME!!!


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    Very Very Nice Works..... It it possible to buy some of them?
    (sorry for my bad English)

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrex View Post
    Very Very Nice Works..... It it possible to buy some of them?
    (sorry for my bad English)
    to The JD, of course stuff is for sale!

    Quote Originally Posted by ratstuph
    We only destroy dreams here, not "restore" them.
    welcome to da JD,
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    Talking Very Knice

    Very knice knives you make Sir...

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    That 2-fingered neck knife is sooooo sweet! What are the specs?
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