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Thread: Neilson Gallery

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Neilson View Post
    Damn, I made all those?

    Still have this one...
    All mine!!!!!!Big Big Thanks to John(Tubtar)for such a Awesome giftAnd Big props to J.Neilson.If you know me you know I go for the wild crazy shit so Im surprize at how much I really love this knife the craftmanship(Awesome) is unlike any knife I've ever had or have this thing is so light&fast in the hand
    &feels so good when you hold it ,hard for me to keep it out of my hands and the wood&damascus looks so great the pic does not do it justice.ln other words different style for me and I love it(keeper for life)btw the pants kicks ass too props to Paul Long, Mr Neilson I hope you don't mind me using your pic for my avatar.
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    Hey Six, nice one!!! I remember that piece and it was a favorite. I'm glad your liking her and may she serve you well for many years to come. Nice piece, fairly descent sheath, too. LOL
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