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Thread: m.o.b. Gallery....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazza80 View Post
    Thankyou for your help I'll post a pic of the knife when I get a chance it's a work of art.
    Pics are always good


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    Quote Originally Posted by M.Olexey View Post
    ringed knives

    3/16" black texture powdercoat O1 with coyote brown G10...

    The Coyote tan and black is badass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXX View Post
    The Coyote tan and black is badass.
    I like that color scheme too.



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    Recent stuff....

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    Looking awesome MO. Man, I hope my baby ships this week No rush or She is looking badass brother.

    (previously known as 45warrior)

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    Latest stuffage....

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    Some very good looking pointy, sharp things there. Like that tanto to.
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    They look great bro...Your work is first class all the way..

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    A Class Act for sure.

    Keep on keeping on.
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    Hi Martin,
    This knives are very very nice, thanks a lot for pictures!
    NB: My grand father named Martin...what's hasard!
    We speak about no more God to somebody who has the cold feet

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    Thanks for the nice compliment!

    Quote Originally Posted by ARNOX View Post
    My grand father named Martin...
    Sounds like a cool guy

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    Went to your site and saw your blades there, also. Looking forward to ordering one day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugler View Post
    Went to your site and saw your blades there, also. Looking forward to ordering one day!
    Yeah Olexey make with the list already, damn!

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    Getting close I promise. By the end of the month I should have about 35 FOS blanks prepped that should give me a good jump on things.

    Thanks for the patience and interest fellas.


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    Good things come to those who wait! Right MO!
    I'm stil anxious also.

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