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    Thumbs up Busse FBM

    This is one giant of a knife with excellent balance and plenty of weight for chopping! The blade coating is getting worn off but other than that this is one bad ass knife. I did not get to use it as much as I wanted because it arrived just before I left for Blade Show last month but still was glad to have the opportunity to use it.

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    I snagged one as well,my 1st...FFBM,What a monster !!

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    This is one of the Busse's that I have always wanted. I would also like to snag one of the black and orange Sus Scrofas. They look like a mean piece.

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    Good review Snapper
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    I may have to get me one of these beasts.

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    Good and bad news there. Good news for you guys that are finally getting a chance to own and appreciate a Busse. Bad news for us Hogs as now there's more people at the trough.

    Gratz on the FBM score guys.
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    i agree on fbm being a hell of a chopper. i'm thinking about thinning and reducing the blade height a bit to try to reduce the weight, though.

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    Thumbs up

    Right Porky!

    Those FFBM's are for strong young folk

    Seriously, I'd choose the CGBM with magnums!! over the FFBM
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    My review

    I figure I would just continue with my review in the same thread. Thanks Snapper it seemed like Christmas when this package arrived.

    It is a big knife no doubt about it. My first impression was WOW. When I picked it up I said "who left that golf ball in the middle of the handle." It is almost uncomfortable to me with the palm swell when just holding the knife. When using the mistress to actually chop something it is another thing entirely. Your hand slides back on the handle and the palm swell is now between your thumb and forefinger while chopping and giving me a very solid grip. I tested the FBM against a Browning Barker comp knife, the Kershaw Outcast, and a Scrapyard Dogfather.

    I felt the FBM gave the best BITE into the wood by a very slim margin because the Browning and dogfather did a great job as well. The outcast preformed the worst because of the factory sharpening bevel was just way to obtuse and it was the lightest of the bunch.

    It was fun making wood chips fly in the garage cutting 2X4's. Here are a few pics.

    Battle Mistress


    Scrapyard Dogfather

    Kershaw Outcast

    You can see from the pics how deep each bit into the 2X4 with equal swings.

    Thanks to Oilman for putting this in the passaround I really enjoyed playing. The Busse is going on my wish list.

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    I'm still in the market for a Busse. Haven't decided which one. Something around ten inches would be nice. any recommendations??

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    I'll keep my FBM review on this thread. The knife is large and heavy. It can chop the dog shit out of anything in it's path, BUT I would never own a FBM because the handle and weight just don't give me a hard on. The tumor is too big in the middle of the handle. I felt like I was squeezing on a lemon. The weight slowed down the chop. Sure a splitting maul does damage but wouldn't a baseball bat or a machete be better. I'm glad I didn't do this pass around before getting my skinny ash. I wouldn't have given Busse another chance. I just didn't even like bouncing this baby on my knee.
    In the pic is my 30 year old Kabar which looks like the handle is almost the same size. WTF, could it just be the weight of the blade that pulls me to disliking this model?

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