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Thread: Basic Sheath tutorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuddy Bear View Post
    Once the sheath is drilled. I take the already cut out x, which I left just a tad wide at the end of the x's, and I lay it on the back of the sheath so that the top side of the x's are aligned with the first hole where I want the stitching to start on them. I then just hold the x in place and flip it over so that the x is on the table under the sheath. I then take a harness needle and put it through the holes over where the x is and tap it lightly so that it makes an impression in the back side of the x. Once I have marked all of the holes on the x, I make the holes go all of the way through the x with my awl, then I flip it over and make the groove run through the holes.

    I hope that makes sense. If it makes no sense to you, send me a pm and I will give you my cell number.

    Makes great sense CB! Thanks for clearing my head up. That might come in handy in several other circumstances too!


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    Quote Originally Posted by moon View Post
    I really like that x back,that is outstanding.
    Same here!!! Thanks for the Tutorial! It'll help out alot, as I need to still make a sheath fro my Damascus knife from the piece I got from Del at last Oct's Grind In.

    Now I just need to find about a square foot of leather to make it!
    Any ideas, anyone? There are a lot of places that are reluctant to cut a hide.
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    for excellent information

    Quote Originally Posted by ratstuph
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    Very nice step by step Chuddy Bear. Thanks.

    There should be more like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.LaBella View Post
    for excellent information
    Why you don mek thees a steeky, Meester LaBella?

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    Good idea.

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    Great post! Thanks.


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    Can't believe I missed this the first time around......Great info....Thanks for sharing! :semper:

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    This is definately a great tutorial. Wonderful job.

    You make it look so easy buuutttttttt when you do it there are always issues that arrise.
    If your fairly good with your hands the issues are all workable. There is certainly nothing better than being able to say I made this.
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    Have 2 of your sheaths,infact just made me one for my HOGFSH,,Your work is unbelivable,and this thread shows me the work involved,Im amazed,your a true craftman,,Which means I'll be back
    Nothing but Respect

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    Saaaweeet, thanks for sharing!!
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    Thumbs up

    You do Great Work CB! That sheath for the Randall Model #1 was the best piece of leather work I'd ever handled!

    You rock!

    Randall Made Knives - Bought and Sold

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    There is a thread out there called artificial sinew that is great for sewing leather, or just about anything. It is pretty cheap $4 to $7 for a bunch of it.

    But if you want something to outlast your leather use the real stuff, sinew!!!

    You can patch a sole of a moccasin with this and when he leather patch is gone the sinew will still be there.

    These are leather covered with rawhide.

    Tiny atrains dad

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    Thumbs up top info

    many thanks

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