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Thread: Airkat Tripwire!

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    Airkat Tripwire!

    I got my Tripwire from Dwaine a couple of days ago, the knife is a beast! Here are some pics next to a SMF for comparison. My knife is all bead blasted, with subtle green/black G-10 side. I will go a little fancier next time, probably satin on the blade grinds. Fit and finish are excellent, the knife opens smoothly, locks up solidly, zero blade wobble. Check out the thickness of the frame lock, it's as thick as the blade on other knives. The blade was pretty sharp when I got it, though a few minutes on an ultra-fine ceramic got it screaming sharp. Hard to believe that a blade that thick could get that sharp. The knife carries well for its size, though I think that the pocket clip is too long. Seems to take forever to come out of my pocket.

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    Theres the BEEF!! Nice!!
    putting the FU in funny !

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    Hey Ross, that thing is built like a tank!!! Sweet!!!

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    Now THAT is what you call a framelock!!! That thing is no joke...
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    Heavy construction is a Gross Understatement.

    That thing is huge.

    I love it.

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    who are you again?

    how much ???

    does a lady kiss and tell?


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    If I had to guestimate the price, I'd figure $475

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    Close, $425 + shipping straight from Dwaine. Up until Tuesday, Julie over at Arizona Custom Knives had a couple for sale at $425, I checked last night and they are gone. Dwaine's wait time has gone up considerably, used to be 2 - 3 weeks, is now at least 2 - 3 months. Being named one of the 10 knifemakers to watch by Blade Magazine hasn't helped in this regard.
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    good value for the money too!


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    WOW! Can anyone say King Kong?!?!? That is one more brick shthouse of a folder. What is the thickness of the blade and lockbar? Look to be .187"(3/16) or .225" (1/4). Regardless, it looks like it would be ready for the worst you could throw at it.

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    I NEED one:love:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabber
    I NEED one:love:


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    Well??? I still need one

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    THAT is bad to the bone!!!! :mallninja
    gotta' have one of those!!!

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    Can't wait for the Tripwire II to come out......hopefully very soon!

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