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Thread: Roll Call! List of JD sheathmakers

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    Very nice! Thanks for posting the pics.

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    My humble submission...

    I make sheaths and cases. I do leather, kydex, and leather over kydex. What I don't do is tooling/carving. I hope my sheaths get all kinds of scratched up by the end user

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    I make sheaths and such out of Horsehide. I do some tooling, no carving yet.
    The mercenary part of me insists that I tell you my services cost.
    The first is the sheaths I built for my AA's

    The second is the sheath I sold to Deadpool for his 42A

    This is a lineup of a bunch of my work thus far, sans DP's sheath.
    Left to right: AA horiz, AA invert, Crap-ass work knife, Cold Steel Scimitar, My failed attempt at a canted carry quick draw for the K2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leatherman View Post
    Welcome guys! The crowd is getting big enough to work towards a seath and holster gallery!

    Soon? Will it be worthy for a sticky? My vote is
    The best DAMN FORUM period!!

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    Stay tuned!

    LeatherBuzzard, waiting for it to die

    The Songs of the Dead are the Lamentations of the Living.

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    ...after a year and a half i think i can enter in this thread...i started doing kydex because i wanted sheaths for my work knives and like to "tinker" with stuff...i end up thinking of making one or two for my BM balisongs and with some input and encouragement from JDBA members i started doing balisong sheaths
    here are few types(some are take offs from sheath makers that do not make them any more,some were a JD member`s idea or request that i translated to Kydex, and some are my good friend`s Bud Weiser designs):

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    Leather Kydex and rawhide sheaths

    My husband and I make sheaths....leather, kydex, and rawhide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMcDonald View Post
    My husband and I make sheaths....leather, kydex, and rawhide.

    Post pics; Devils love 'em.

    Welcome to JD!
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    Strop maker here-


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    ^^ Flexxx makes some nice strops too.


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    Just added you all. Apologies to those I missed!

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    Custom Leathersmith from North Carolina

    Anybody require any "high end" custom leatherwork let me know. I have been working in leather for over 30 years and currently run Dragonthorn Leatherworks at Check us out and let me know if I can accomplish any special projects for you. Dave

    C. David Hauser, Master Leathersmith
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    710 custom sheaths

    I am new here but I just wanted to share a few kydex sheaths and knives Ive recently made.

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    kydex sheaths

    i started putting together kydex sheaths about 3 weeks ago and have made about 15 of them...I posted some pix of my 3rd attempt in my gallery....

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